Compare the occupancy rate of your destination over time.


The occupancy rate expresses the percentage of rooms sold per day and is calculated as the ratio between rooms sold and rooms available. You can track and compare your destination's occupancy rate for past and future dates with previous years.

L’occupazione può essere segmentata per tipologia di trattamento, canale, mercato e nazionalità.

Occupancy by service

You can monitor your destination's percentage of occupancy by segmenting it by type of service (B&B, room only, half board, full board) and compare it for a specific past or future period.

Occupancy by sales channel

You can segment occupancy by sales channel and monitor the percentages of sales on OTA, GDS, direct online channels, such as the website, or direct offline, such as a telephone, registered in your area for a past or future period.

Occupancy by sales channel in connection with an Event

You can also track the segmented occupancy rate for the sales channel compared to an event organized in your tourist destination.

Occupancy by market

Track your destination's occupancy rate by market segments, such as retail, business groups, leisure, and negotiation groups, for a past or future period.

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