HBenchmark - Hospitality Data Intelligence

The future of the hospitality industry is based on data analysis

HBenchmark is an innovative Hospitality Data Intelligence platform which receives booking metrics from PMSs, aggregates them and, in real-time, returns a rich series of performance indicators, strategic to business development both for a destination and an individual property

For Destinations, it

  • Allows an objective measurement of past and future tourist flows for a territory

  • Helps identify the best times of the year in which to create new opportunities and events to attract tourist flows

  • Provides targeted information to plan communication and marketing strategies more effectively

For Hotels, it

  • Allows you to optimize your offer by comparing it with others in your territory

  • Supports relations with financial interlocutors, purchasing and selling properties, category change, etc. thanks to objective data

  • Reduces the need to resort to OTAs thanks to the knowledge of future occupancy in one's territory

For Campsite, it

  • Allows you to optimize your offer by comparing it to others in your territory

  • Enables dynamic pricing strategies for different product types

  • Helps you measure the economic impact associated with adverse weather conditions accurately

To build a Smart Destination

A destination becomes "{smart}" when it bases its strategies on specific data.

Analyzing reliable data from the most authoritative and updated sources is the first and fundamental step for developing an intelligent or rather 'smart' destination. Smart destinations have advanced technologies that collaboratively integrate businesses, public administrations, territorial management bodies, and operators in the tourism supply chain to raise the standard of living of citizens and tourists.

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Over 60 PMS have already joined the platform to automate data entry and avoid manual transcription by operators.

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Established partnerships with universities and specialized training courses aim to feed a new tourism culture based on data analysis and educate the Hospitality Managers of tomorrow.

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