HBenchmark receives data, aggregates it, and returns valuable information to policy makers and operators in the tourism sector


It receives data

The platform receives data directly from the hotel and camping management system (PMS). This reliable source of information is updated in real-time and returns dependable information on booking flows relating to the history of the last 24 months and the future 12 months. The integration of the platform with the PMS almost eliminates all manual input by operators


Aggregates, anonymizes ed elaborates

The data is subsequently aggregated and made anonymous. The data intelligence engine processes the information to make the property's performance available and compare them with those of the territory or the competitive set (benchmarking).


Returns indicators (KPI)

The platform returns over 200 performance indicators (KPIs - Key Performance Indicators) that can be easily consulted through graphical representations. HBenchmark allows you to monitor the trend of tourist flows, optimize resources, position the offer and adopt targeted communication, promotion, and marketing strategies.

For Destinations

  • Compare occupancy for past and future periods

  • RevPAR: average revenue generated per available room

  • Events: occupancy, total revenues, average revenues linked to an event

For Hotels

  • Compare occupancy for past and future periods

  • ADR: average room revenue net of services and VAT

  • Financial indicators: internationally recognized MPI, RGI, and ARI indicators

For Campsites

  • Compare occupancy for past and future periods

  • Weather: occupancy, cancellations, and revenues versus weather

  • Housing types: performance of each type of product (pitch, bungalow, etc.)

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