Compare your OTB (On the Books) for the most critical KPIs compared to last year's OTB, photographed on the same date.

The same Point in Time (SPIT) statistics are among the most valuable and essential platform features. They allow you to compare the most important KPIs (number of rooms sold, ADR, average price net of VAT and service value, RevPAR and total revenue) for your property or territory to the On the Books of last year, photographed on the same date. The three lines in the SPIT charts have three different colors: blue, yellow, and magenta. The blue line represents OTB occupancy, the bookings received by your property for the next 90 days. On the other hand, the yellow line represents the OTB occupancy photographed on the same date last year, a still image of what was happening last year at the same time. Finally, the magenta one represents the consolidated figure, the final balance of the previous year.

Occupancy - SPIT

You can compare your property's OTB with the photograph of the bookings received the previous year and the same date's consolidated history.

Total revenue - SPIT

Finally, it is possible to compare the overall revenue from OTB bookings received for the current year with the forecasts recorded for the same dates the previous year.

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