Financial Indicators

MPI, RGI, ARI: the leading indicators recognized internationally by the financial system.

MPI, RGI, and ARI are three fundamental indicators, thanks to which it is possible to know the information underlying any strategic decision regarding hotel management. The platform can calculate all three indicators over different periods and diverse groups of competing hotels present in your target market. If your property is performing well, the MPI RGI ARI values will be higher than 100. Conversely, if the values are lower than 100, it means that your property is underperforming the market or group of competitive sets you are comparing it to. If the indicator's value is equal to 100, your property performs exactly like the average of your market or group of hotels in your area.

MPI (Market penetration index)

MULMPI - Market Penetration Index, the market penetration index is a value that measures the occupancy performance of your hotel compared to the average occupancy of your competitors. It is calculated as your occupancy / the average occupancy of your competitors multiplicate X 100.

ARI (Average Rate Index)

ARI - Average Rate Index indicates whether your rates are on average higher or lower than your competitors. This value is calculated as your average rate compared to the average of the rates acquired by your competitors multiplicate X 100.

RGI (Revenue Generation Index)

RGI - Revenue Generation Index, index of revenue generation, indicates your positioning relative to the revenues generated for each room you have in the hotel. It is calculated as your average RevPAR / RevPAR of your competitors multiplicate X 100.

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