Livigno chooses HBenchmark


HBenchmark lands in Livigno to monitor the tourist flows of the famous Alpine resort.

HBenchmark lands in Livigno: in fact, the project promoted by APT Livigno in collaboration with the Tourism and Commerce Association (ATC) has begun, which allows tourist facilities in the area to equip themselves with HBenchmark, the innovative online Hospitality Data Intelligence platform of the Develon Group, which allows accommodation facilities to monitor their business thanks to the analysis of historical or prospective fluctuations and comparison with the reference market.

The pilot project started in September 2019 involved 11 hotels in the area during the winter season, the launch of the official project in October 2020 saw the participation of over 30 hotels in Livigno already in the first week and the number is constantly growing. The peculiarity of HBenchmark is precisely that of exploiting Big Data to provide, in real-time and with the projection of historical and future scenarios, strategic information for the evaluation of tourism trends.

The platform, in fact, through the direct acquisition from the management software of the individual hotels and accommodation facilities, makes available to the structures themselves and to the destination over 200 performance indicators, such as room occupancy rate, average sales price, revenue average per room available, parameters and reasons for cancellations, qualitative and quantitative analyzes relating to channels, markets and nationalities of sale, trends based on events, which make it possible to constantly monitor tourist trends, optimize resources, position the offer and to adopt targeted communication and tourism promotion strategies. In addition to Livigno, HBenchmark has now been adopted by numerous tourist destinations throughout Italy and also by some foreign ones and there are more than 40 management systems integrated into the platform. A territorial presence that confirms the growing importance that tourism operators recognize to data analysis as a development driver and that establishes the role of HBenchmark as a partner for the growth of the entire Italian tourism sector.

Lorenzo Gottin, President and Founder of HBenchmark, commented: "We started with a pilot project in September 2019 thanks to the president of APT Livigno Luca Moretti who identified HBenchmark as the indispensable tool to evolve how the structures of the hospitality sector and destinations develop their business strategies. The adoption of advanced technologies that exploit big data is the key to relaunching the competitiveness of a tourism sector brought to its knees by the global health crisis. Livigno is a concrete example of how a destination can activate a virtuous path that, through the involvement of the structures, enables innovative tools for the entire territory, thanks to which a more structured, modern and, therefore, more effective methodological approach".

Luca Moretti, President of APT Livigno, added: "I am happy that the pilot project started with HBenchmark has passed to the executive phase thanks to the structures involved who have understood the usefulness of the platform in building and consolidating their competitiveness. The adoption of an advanced platform such as HBenchmark can help us further enhance our destination by identifying new investment strategies and offer models based on detailed predictive scenarios. The participation in the project of over 30 structures and the numerous activation requests that we are collecting, certify the goodness of a path that will help Livigno to give new impetus to the entire tourism sector of the territory ".

For more information: https://livigno.hbenchmark.it/

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