HBenchmark in the educational path of the ITS Turismo Veneto Academy


It is enriched by a further course held by the analysts of HBenchmark, the innovative online platform of Hospitality data Intelligence, the offer of the training course of the ITS Turismo Veneto Academy. The introduction of HBenchmark in the didactic path desired and undertaken by ITS Turismo Veneto Academy certifies its willingness to immediately introduce a data-based approach to training areas that allows the Hospitality sector to build its strategic, commercial, marketing and investment choices on an accurate analysis of the information and the context in which the structures and destinations operate. 

The peculiarity of HBenchmark is precisely that of making the most of the opportunity offered by Big Data to create a new type of information, authoritative and usable in real-time. accommodation facilities and destinations over 200 performance indicators to be analyzed to operate with greater awareness in their market.

The offer to students includes a 50-hour training course aimed at the 200 students of Hospitality Management and Tourism 4.0 courses, with lessons which will cover in-depth the whole world of the structure and segmentation of data useful for detecting occupancy rates, information, flows, trends and thus for planning and modelling the best strategies for the relaunch, development and management of tourist destinations.

"The experience gained over many years of activity in the tourism sector - underlines the President of ITS Academy Turismo Veneto Massimiliano Schiavon - pushes us to make the Higher Education path of which I am President more and more performing and specialized. We have invested, once again, in culture to allow ITS  Turismo Veneto Academy students to be competitive and to get to work in companies, having learned the most modern methods of analysis thanks to the reading of Big Data. It is essential to make successful decisions, always guided by data and to tap into the full potential of the market, even what is not yet known, to find the answers on a scientific basis. After the partnership signed at the beginning of the year with Data Appeal, an important player specialized in data science and artificial intelligence, with the agreement with HBenchmark, the offer framework is completed that will allow our young people to stay "inside" the change and become a future successful manager.

 "This project will allow - is the comment of the managing director of HBenchmark Francesco Traverso - to the next generations of tourism professionals to grow in the sector, from their first experiences, a culture based on analysis methodologies and digital technologies innovative, which supports the strategic choices of entrepreneurs and makes the effectiveness of the actions taken measurable. We are very proud to have received this assignment from ITS Turismo del Veneto, a testimony of trust that further strengthens the role of our company, an increasingly technological partner for the defence and the development of the Veneto tourism sector."

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