Iccrea Banca enters the capital of HBenchmark

HBenchmark was chosen by the Banking Cooperative Group to support the hospitality sector in digital transformation.

“As the Iccrea Cooperative Banking Group, we want to give the territory a sign of optimism and continuity of initiatives, including business initiatives, at a time when tourism and other related sectors are being severely tested”. Thus, Mauro Pastore, General Manager of Iccrea Banca S.p.A., comments on the entry into the capital of HBenchmark (Develon Group).

With 30 tourist destinations and 1,500 hotels already active throughout Italy, HBenchmark supports the hospitality sector in the digital transformation. The analysis of information acquired in real-time by management systems helps accommodation facilities and destinations to evolve business strategies by identifying trends - historical and especially future real photography - to prepare well in advance for the management of tourist flows.

Indicators such as, for example, the occupancy rate or the average price per room, are crucial information that allow hospitality businesses to define competitive pricing policies while maintaining profitability at the expected levels.

This important agreement will allow HBenchmark to further evolve the platform with new services, consolidate its leadership in the Italian market and make a further leap forward on the European one.

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